About Red Tiger


Founded in 2016, Red Tiger is a real estate and economic development services firm that cultivates and activates business and innovation districts enabling municipalities, counties and townships to drive sustainable economic growth. Public-private partnerships have emerged as the catalyst for transformative projects. They allow the skills and resources of the public and private sectors to be leveraged in order to deliver projects that promote the growth of a locality’s human and economic capacity. Red Tiger was established on the premise that there was a need in the market for a company that profoundly understood public policy, economic development and real estate.


We imagine and create strategies that are catalyst for economic prosperity. Our philosophy is to understand the community through city staff, active stakeholders, citizens, professionals, experts and market participants.

Tiger Teams

Red Tiger focuses on inspiring catalytic economic development through planning, real estate, public-private partnerships and collaboration. Every project is unique, requiring diverse skill sets; we enhance our team with leading, innovative experts, for each project. We draw our inspiration from NASA’s “tiger teams” that are comprised of diverse “specialists, selected for their experience, energy and imagination” assembled to solve complex problems.


Our mission is to cultivate and implement innovative strategies that foster a durable and prosperous economy, enabling organizations, states, regions, counties and municipalities to foster a diversity of thriving industries and a unique sense of place to withstand economic downturns. To localities looking to bring innovative economic development strategies to life, unlike other consultants that create a plan that sits on the shelf, Red Tiger develops a roadmap to bring the locality’s updated plan to life, resulting in catalytic real estate projects.


Often the objectives of local government, residents and business are not completely aligned. We mitigate this problem by acting as the nexus for these groups. As we begin studying and collecting data, Red Tiger employs a fluid and inclusive process that integrates each party’s aspirations, while balancing these objectives with current market realities, ultimately providing a framework for strategic plan activation.